Sleep smarter for a better tomorrow
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HABITLUM helps you archive the best sleep quality you deserve.

HABITLUM comes with a smart sleep light and a motion sensitive tracking belt.The belt is placed under or on your bed, and connects to the HABITLUM smart light. When your sleep cycle begins the sensor tracks and records your sleep activities, such as heart rates, body temperature, and duration of each sleep cycle.Your biometric data will be stored and analyzed by the WELLNEST App, so you can adjust to a healthier sleeping habit.


See how Wellnest HABITLUM works - step by step


10:45 PM

You are ready to go to bed, but before you do, simply press on the "pre-sleep mode" button on your HABITLUM sleep light.


11:00 PM

Blue / white light eliminating and nerve calming red light helps stimulate melatonin production which regulates sleep patterns.

Selections of calm and relaxing white noise or natural sounds help you relax into deep sleep cycle while our smart sensor monitors and records your biometric data.

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7:15 AM

HABITLUM analyzes and enters wake up mode by slowly turns up a bright white light that mimics natural sunrise which stimulates serotonin, a hormone which controls mood and brain functionalities.

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7:30 AM

Calm ambient music starts to play and volume up during your last lightest sleep cycle so you will wake up feeling refresh and fully recharged.

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Understand your sleep pattern

Review your sleeping data, such as heart rates, durations of sleep, number of complete sleep cycles, and bedding temperature.